Farm Girl Soap Co. Mission

Teaching beginners to craft their own farm-fresh soap and herbal skin care products that are SIMPLE, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE.

  • Simple Recipes

    Making handcrafted skin care CAN be simple. All recipes and tutorials are explained in a clear, step-by-step format so that confusion is out and confidence is in. You can totally do this!

  • Safe DIY Products

    Together we’ll cut through the hype and what’s “trendy” and look at what the science says. You’ll know what you’re crafting at home is skin-safe and GOOD for your skin.

  • Effective Results

    You’ll handcraft exquisite skin care products that you and your family will love using (without having a PhD in cosmetic chemistry to make them!) Pro-quality green products, handmade by YOU!

Meet Your Instructor

Esthetician & Founder

Angela Palmer

Hi, friend! Welcome to Farm Girl Soap Co., a DIY skin care education company that teaches beginning crafters how to make soap and herbal beauty products. My job is to help you feel confident crafting naturally-based skin care from scratch. I'll bust down the intimidation factors and get you creating your own farm-fresh, amazing products within just minutes.